Hello! I’m Carrie and I’m so glad you are here! 

Family-Sized Adventures is my personal blog about my family’s adventures, both on vacation and at home. If you were like me, you kept putting off family vacations and never took a vacation day from work. Well, friends, let me tell you, this only leads to burn out and missed family time that you can never get back. I decided that myself and my two kids are going to explore this awesome country (and one day planet!) of ours and make some awesome family memories along the way. I hope to help other parents plan and enjoy your own adventure and maybe introduce you to few new amazing places along the way!

I have loved traveling since I was little and could understand that we were going to stay in a new place to do new things. Every year, I would keep a countdown of the final days till our vacation and badger my poor mother with question after question about where we going and what we would do there. (Sorry, Mom!) Fast forward to the present, and I have two little ones, Mickey and Minnie, and I can see that same excitement running thru them before we leave to go anywhere for a night or longer. 

I am also a photographer of families and weddings and to be able to combine my love of photography with my love of travel, is just a dream come true! 

Adventure is out there! We just have to go looking for it!